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Our Shawarma, Chicken, Shish Kabob and Kefta Plates include some of the same ingredients as those found on our sandwich menu, but served alongside rice, hummus and salad instead. They'll fill you up for sure. If you're looking for a low-carb, high protein option, you can't do much better than our amazing Shawarma Salad, with your choice of meats served with lettuce and veggies. Every meal is better with Baklava for dessert, so be sure to try ours. It's a sticky, nutty unforgettable treat and one you'll find yourself craving. We at Pita Love Grill look forward to getting to know you and sharing the love of Pita!

Here at Pita Love Grill, we serve Mediterranean dishes with the speed and convenience of fast food but with the luscious flavors of home cooking. The cuisine of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Greece is healthy and packed with lean protein and veggies. At Pita Love, we show our love for this food by using the freshest possible ingredients. You're going to love it, too!

Our menu includes many smaller, lighter dishes that work well as appetizers or sides. Our Falafel, ground chickpeas rolled into balls and fried until crispy, are especially good topped with a dollop of creamy, tangy tzatziki. We also serve a Stuffed Falafel: a kind of mega-falafel filled with nuts and spices. Baba Gannoug is a Mediterranean favorite, and ours especially creamy and rich, made with yogurt, tahini and roasted eggplant.​

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The Best Middle Eastern foods

Who loves sandwiches? You know you do, especially when they're as stuffed with tasty ingredients as ours are. Our Beef Shawarma Sandwich Pita is big and delicious enough to please a superhero! We take seasoned beef and slice it super-thin, then pack it into a fresh and chewy pita along with veggies, pickles and tahini sauce. Add fries and a drink to make it a meal—the best fast food meal you could wish for. Or go veggie with our Falafel Pita, a crunchy, creamy, healthy delight.